Hi I’m Lauren!  I’m a creative with a rich background in client management, creative direction, social impact design, and fundraising.

Currently, I’m the Director of Client Experience at Hyperakt︎︎︎, a purpose-driven design studio in Brooklyn. I’m also Cofounder/Creative Director of Tomato Laboratories︎︎︎. Before this I was the Design Manager at ANTIANTI︎︎︎, and Cofounder/Creative Director of Forward Union︎︎︎. Before that, I  held various roles in museums, nonprofits, and hospitality. You can see examples of the projects I’ve participated in below, read more about my career on my Linkedin︎︎︎, or email me if you want to chat!



Hyperakt Design Studio

        Director of Client Experience

Tomato Laboratories

        Cofounder, Creative Director 


        Design Manager

Freelance Consultant

Designer, Creative Director 
Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art, Art World Conference, Hayama Artist Residency, MoMA Nights, University of Buffalo Art Galleries, ART OMI, Time Equities Art-in-Buildings, Citizen Jane Film Festival, Archestratus Books & Foods, Floordoor Records, etc.

Forward Union

        Cofounder, Creative Director

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

        Corporate Membership Manager, Event Coordinator 

And more!

I’ve held alot of other roles too, such as Membership Manager, Barbershop Manager, Event Host, Film Assistant, Teen Advocate, Community Organizer, Studio Manager, etc. 

I love talking about my journey! Contact me if you want to hear more about my career thus far and my dreams for the future. ✨

For mentorship opportunities, please reach out to me on adplist.org.

LAUREN M JONES  (she/her)